Why I Don't Have Quilts on my Own Bed

There are many QI's in this world, and we happen to have a couple in our house. Here you will find some pictures mostly of Hershey, the labrador retriever, but Harry also finds his place Among Brenda's Quilts.

Thank goodness quilts are more than just bedsheets. Quilts are too good for our animals to lay on (and therefore, it goes without saying, quilts are too good for us, too!)

Pets on the Bed

How could anyone say 'stay off the bed' to a face like this? Even if she has just rolled in something stinky......and of course, Harry the cat wouldn't even pretend to listen to you.

Hershey has eyes that will melt your heart...

Sometimes you just have to set the lap quilting aside to scratch a tired dog's head.

Dog tired of quilting.

Sometimes by paying some attention to the animal you save the quilt! Here, a belly rub saves a quilt I was binding from being furred up.

Preventative Maintenance