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Get fit, don't quit! January 14, 2015

Happiness is a gorgeous bag that you can take along to yoga or any other fitness activity. The Yoga Fitness bag has room for your mat, towel, shoes, yoga block or just about anything else you might require for your workout.

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In The News

Adventures of a Quilter and Bag Maker in China November 6, 2014

Early in 2014 I was contacted by a company interested in representing my patterns in China. The proposal came first via email, and it seemed like one of those emails you get from time to time that might be somewhat questionable. I read it over a couple of times and then decided to do a little fishing myself and asked some questions. As soon as I replied there began an email conversation with the group that went on for a couple of months. Then I received an invitation to attend a Textile Expo in China as a representative of Canada’s quilting community, to promote quilting in China. I replied that although going to China would be wonderful, I couldn’t come. A reply quickly came back that said they were so happy I could come. After considerable negotiation and back and forth emails we came to an agreement. My husband and I would be going to show samples of my patterns in a 10 x 10 foot booth, teach a class, speak and be part of a question and answer forum. It was going to be a great adventure! We were going to Shaoxing, China in October of 2014.

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Me and My Baby Lock

Two New Machines are Coming January 23, 2015

I'm expecting delivery of two new Baby Lock sewing machines to my studio this year. The first will be the Tiara 2 coming in January.

You might be seeing me soon at your local quilting or sewing store as I travel about as a Baby Lock Ambassador to Canada. I'll be sharing sewing machine demos and my Trunk Show at shops all across Ontario and beyond in 2015. I hope to see you soon!

Trying out the Tiara April 16, 2014

I invited myself over to my friend Linda Peters home this past week to try out her new Baby Lock Tiara quilting machine. Linda's husband Paul had it all set up and ready to sew. I love instruction booklets so Linda passed me her manual and left me to figure it out on my own.

The manual is very clearly written with large pictures to illustrate threading and the various machine parts. It's easy to understand the machine since it is basically a large scale variation of a straight stitch sewing machine with a wide arm. I quickly figured out threading. The touch screen was straightforward and it was easy to set the variable speed control with saved settings and the stitches per inch. I liked the amount of light the machine cast over the work area below the needle.

Linda had been using a 60 weight polyester thread in the bobbin and a 50 weight Mettler thread in the top of the machine. I wanted to use my spool of 50 weight Signature thread for both so I played with the top tension for a spell before tightening the bobbin tension ever so slightly to achieve perfect tension.

Now it was time to tackle the Tru Stitch manual. Tru stitch is a stitch regulating unit that can be purchased separately for the Tiara. It took me a moment to understand that the mouse like unit that plugged into the Tiara had to lie underneath the quilting I was doing. The mouse detects the speed at which the quilt is moved over it during quilting. It then adjusts the speed of the machine. I tried holding the mouse under my left palm as I quilted but found that it did a fine job just lying free under the quilt. The cruise feature offered on the touch screen with Tru Stitch worked well but I still preferred to use the foot pedal. I think I'm just foot pedal oriented.

The Tiara was created for quilters looking for a smaller alternative to long arm quilting machines. The table is about card table sized with two wings that open to either side - making it the right size for the typical spare bedroom sewing space that most quilters have. I also liked the fact that I could sit while qulting.

I'm looking forward to visiting Linda again soon. Sure I'll be visiting my friend but I'll also want to get more acquainted with her Tiara!

Latest Events

Catching Fire! January 1, 2015

As the Christmas season approached I wondered what to get our friend David. His wife Sandy had told me that he had expressed am interest in learning to quilt several times over the years. Would he still be interested?

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Best Traditions With A Twist Tour January 27, 2015

Welcome to the Best Traditons With A Twist 2015 blog tour. Follow the tour day by day to win wonderful prizes and find out more about your favorite magazine and the designers who are featured in its pages. Click on the picture to read my full blog post and to enter the draw to win an absolutely gorgeous fat quarter bundle from Studio E Fabrics!

Brenda's Videos

Piccadilly Piecing October 9, 2012

Follow Brenda's 4 step lesson plan in your quilting shop when teaching the multi-sized Piccadilly Quilt (ABQ-167). Share these tips to keep beginners coming back to your store again and again.

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Youtube Videos! January 2, 2012

My dear friend David wanted to learn how to quilt so I gave him lessons for Christmas. Watch the first of this four part series that follows our progress and all the ups and downs of learning something totally new!

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