Recent Designs

The Urban Computer Satchel in 2 sizes October 2, 2015

For all of your business trips, trips to the office or other travels here's the new Urban Computer Satchel. I've anticipated your needs with instructions for two sizes so you'll be able to fit even the largest laptop in your bag.

The front double-padded zippered pocket holds an iPad and the removable sleeve adjusts to fit a laptop. The zippered pocket, padded handles, straps and magnetic pocket polish it off. Oh, and I forgot to mention the luggage strap at the back of the bag. Just slip it over the pull handle of your suitcase for ease of travel! And we have Hardware Packs available on the shopping site in both Antique Brass and Nickel.

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In The News

How I Repaired a Quilt Damaged in a Fire November 18, 2015

Quilt after repairs

Sometimes a project comes along that seems too difficult, or even impossible.

After a devastating fire in the neighborhood that claimed an innocent life, this quilt was one of very few things left, so I felt I must at least try to help salvage it.

Click the photo to read about the repair process.

Me and My Baby Lock

Video - Quilting with the Tiara March 16, 2015

Follow me as a quilt my first project, a table runner, on the Tiara II by Baby Lock. I'll show you how I pin my layers before quilting, explain how the machine is threaded, show you how I prepared my quilting design and finally how I quilted the project. See how easy it is to quilt using the Tiara by clicking the picture!

The Tiara II Arrives! February 18, 2015

What an exciting week this is going to be. The Tiara II Quilting Machine arrived on my doorstep and I've been assembling and trying it out. Click on the picture to read the full blog post!

Latest Events

A Second Quilting Trip to China November 4, 2015

China 2015

There may have been fewer surprises this time around, but this year's trip to China was every bit as interesting as the one I took last year.

There is so much to share that I wrote an extra-long article with tons of pictures.

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A Designer Label February 18, 2015

If you've been following my posts since last October you'll know that I had an opportunity to make some connections in China with textile experts and manufacturers. The people that brought me to China would like to begin marketing several of my bag models under my brand name Among Brenda's Quilts & Bags. The bags will be sold to the Chinese market.

So with no further ado, here's my designer label. You'll also find a label in my soon to be released hardware packages giving you the opportunity to make your own ABQ designer bag!

Brenda's Videos

Piccadilly Piecing October 9, 2012

Follow Brenda's 4 step lesson plan in your quilting shop when teaching the multi-sized Piccadilly Quilt (ABQ-167). Share these tips to keep beginners coming back to your store again and again.

Click on the image link to see this helpful video!

Youtube Videos! January 2, 2012

My dear friend David wanted to learn how to quilt so I gave him lessons for Christmas. This ongoing four part series that follows our progress and all the ups and downs of learning something totally new!

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