What Fun is a Quilting Guild?

I belong to a couple of quilting guilds in my area, and I would strongly encourage quilters to either join one that is local to them, or even start one of your own where none exist. Don't underestimate the social aspect of quilting - meeting with others is a big part of the fun that quilting can bring to your life. I have to say that I've met some of the finest people 'around the quilting frame.'

But even beyond the social aspect of meeting with other quilters are the things you can learn (and share) when you meet others who have similar interests. This is one of the ways these arts have been passed from generation to generation.

When you belong to a guild, you will grow, as a quilter. I guarantee it.

The Guilds I belong to organize trips, invite speakers for Trunk Shows, make things together for community charity, and promote improvement on various quilting techniques through workshops, as well as encouraging members to show their quilts. To me - and to anyone else who has caught 'Quilting Fever', Guilds are indipensible.