Quilting Fun at ABQ

I have had a lot of fun quilting. It really is a multi-dimensional passion: you can spend hours in quiet contemplation, allowing your thoughts to wander - or you can spend your time inviting others to join with you, or joining others as they build relationships over the quilting frame.

Brenda Among her Quilts!

I have read that there are three kinds of learners: visual, audial, and tactile. To this list, I would add social; and the authors of 'Women's Ways of Knowing' might add Silence. I think that well-rounded Quilters are all of the above. I just think it's all fun, and I'm having the time of my life in quiet reverie, designing new patterns, making them, sharing them, meeting others, finding out what's new in the textile world, discovering new sewing techniques and touching everything as I go!

As I continue quilting and finding new dimensions of fun, perhaps I'll share them here. Some of the fun stuff, like the Round Robin, can be used in other guilds with good success.