Round Robin Project

Here is a fun round robin quilt project that is suitable for guilds or quilting friends. We successfully ran this in our guild through 2005-6, and those who participated enjoyed it immensely

A round robin strip quilt project was organized as a group activity for the guild in September of 2005. 19 members put their names forward to form 4 groups. The goal of the project was to create an individual quilt top with all members of the group having the opportunity to work on each others quilt. As a group individuals were to add 36 1/2" wide strips progressively every month to an initial strip made by each member of the group. Each quilt was to have a theme. The result of this exchange would be a finished quilt top for each group member (less the borders). The strips added could be as deep as needed to suit the design.

Guidelines were as follows:

Each group member was instructed to put together a box containing the items listed below by the October meeting:

By the end of February the Strip Robins were ready to be presented to their owners. This was an exciting time, seeing how other group members had interpreted recipe page directions and seeing all the thought and unique design ideas that had gone into the quilts. The participants did not show their tops to each other but took them home to add borders and other special touches before the unveiling at the April Meeting.

Of the 19 group members who started the project ten finished. Have a look at some of the creative designs!

This project was very well received by group members who were able to complete their projects. The level of experience in the groups varied with beginners joining more experience quilters. The beginners were challenged by the project but all did a wonderful job and learned a lot in the process. All were in agreement that they had learned to “think outside the box” and had enjoyed participating. Several guild members who had been wary of trying the strip robin project and had sat it out mentioned later that they wished they had participated, after seeing the great results.