"Developing the Designer in You"

Using my own design journey as an example, with all its pitfalls and successes, I suggest ways for others to become aware of their own creative possibilities.

Over 50 quilts are shown: some are mine and some I've inherited and been inspired by. Duration: 1 hour. I like to have at least a couple of helpers to assist me turn or hold up the quilts.

Developing the Designer in You

Many of my workshops have been successfully combined with my trunk show at various engagements, but I have spoken to various quilting guilds and women's groups when no workshop was simultaneously offered. As a guild member, I have seen other trunk shows and I can tell you that my show has value and appeal.

I like to work with one retailer in any given area, so that they can offer for sale my designs to guild members on the day of the trunk show. Consignment kits may be available via one of my wholesalers. Don't miss out on this opportunity! Write to me for details.